Sound ESG Management
The Need
for Ethical Management
In today's information society, corporations are increasingly exposed to political, economic, and social risks. The only way to overcome this risk is to strengthen corporate ethics through employees' self-innovation and to innovate the entire corporation by practicing ethical management. In the 21st century, high ethical standards and transparent and fair management are required of most profitable companies. Only the companies with a high level of ethics and profit can become an excellent company in this era. In 2000, LOTTE Wellfood declared the Code of Ethics and enacted the Code of Ethical Conduct, and in 2015, implemented the LOTTE Code of Conduct, which describes its trust with employees, customers, partners, and society in accordance with the changing environment and circumstances. In 2020, by revising the Code of Conduct, we aimed to achieve ethical management and grow into a first-class company that shares its performance and value with our customers, employees, partners, and shareholders.
The LOTTE Code of Conduct
  • Trust with customers
    We shall provide the best products and services,
    offer honest marketing, secure customer
    information, and protect our brand.
  • Trust with employees
    We shall provide equal opportunities and fair treatment, promote mutual respect between members, advocate gender equality, establish safe working environment, protect our assets and intellectual property rights, and prevent leakage of information.
  • Trust with partners
    We shall comply with fair trade laws, respect partners, compete fairly, collect information lawfully, and prohibit corruption and fraudulent solicitation.
  • Trust with shareholders
    We shall increase shareholder value, prevent conflicts of interest, enhance accounting transparency, and prohibit insider trading.
  • Trust with society
    We shall protect the environment, create social value and contribute to society,
    respect for human rights and cultural diversity, compliance with local laws,
    and support the separation of politics and business.
Compliance History
LOTTE Wellfood is making various efforts to achieve ethical management, such as compliance of all employees, running a violation reporting system at all times, conducting ethical campaigns, and operating a clean center.
  • Reporting Violations
    To facilitate the reporting of company ethics violations by executives
    and employees, both for internal and external customers, we have installed
    the Reporting Violations page on our official website. The Ethics Committee receives and handles these reports.
  • Clean Center
    To practice fair trade and prevent corruption, the LOTTE Code of Conduct
    strictly prohibits the acceptance or request of money, entertainment,
    service, or convenience by employees and suppliers in relation to business.
Ethics Violations Report
  • LOTTE Wellfood Reporting Violations
    Go to Reporting Violations
  • Ethical Management Hotline
  • Mailing address
    10, Yangpyeong-ro 21-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, 07027, Korea
    Ethics Management Team, LOTTE Wellfood
  • Fax
    F. +82) 2-2670-6493
    Ethics Management Team, LOTTE Wellfood
※ Informant protection: informants may reporting violations anonymously and the identity of the informant is protected. The Company protects informants in accordance with the rules for processing internal reports, such as public interest reports, and does not take any retaliatory measures against the informant.