Sound ESG Management
ESG Management System

LOTTE Wellfood
is growing into a global food company
through ESG management.

We strive to create future value and achieve sustainable growth based on systematic ESG management strategies and goals across economic, social, and environmental sectors.

ESG Management Strategy

We aim to create economic value by generating profit and increasing shareholder value, as well as social and environmental value by fulfilling our responsibilities as a member of the community and the nation.
To this end, we have established specific strategies in social contribution, environmental management, ethical management, fair trade, and shared growth, carrying out various practices to achieve our goals.

Sustainability Report

LOTTE Wellfood discloses our ESG management and performance transparently through our sustainability report.
Through this report, we seek to strengthen communication with all stakeholders, including consumers, investors, communities, and employees.
LOTTE Wellfood plans to publish sustainability reports every year and continue to improve as a sustainable company.

2022 Sustainability Report

2021 Sustainability Report

2020 - 2021 Sustainability Report

ESG Policy

Statement on
Environmental Management

· Comply with environmental laws
· Minimize GHG emissions and pollution
· Conserve resources and promote recycling
· Strive to transition to a net-zero carbon society
· Reduce negative impact on biodiversity
· Disclose information on the results of
Environmental Management
· Encourage business partners to introduce and
promote an environmental management system

Statement on Human Rights

· Respect international human rights principles
· Establish human rights management system
· Protect human rights of marginalized communities
· Curlture of Non-discrimination and mutual respect
· Prohibition of forced labor and child labor
· Comply with working-hour and minimum wage
· Right to freedom of assembly and association
and to collective bargaining
· Prevent human rights violations in the workplace
· Encourage business partners to introduce and
promote an human rights management system
· Protect personal information

C.o.C for Partner Companies

· Environmental Protection
· Respect for Human Rights
· Safety Management
· Quality Management
· Compliance and Ethical Management
· Management System

2023 Integrated ESG Rating

ESG Evaluation Results

ESG 평가 결과 : 연도, 통합등급, 환경, 사회, 지배구조
Year Integrated Rating Environmental Social Governance
2023 B+ B+ A B+
2022 A B A A
2021 A A A A
2020 A A A+ B+
2019 A A A B+
2017 B+ A A+ B
  • ※ Rating agency: Korea Institute of Corporate Governance and Sustainability
  • ※ The evaluation did not take place in 2018 as it was established in October 2017.

ESG Organization and Initiative

To implement ESG in the overall management, LOTTE Wellfood has established a dedicated ESG management organization and an ESG Committee. 이사회: esg위원회,(esg협의회,esg팀), 대표이사: 1. ESGq부문,esg팀 2.E(환경)-(1.생산본부(E-TFT), 2.마케팅본부(E_MKT TFT)), 2. S(사회) - (1.마케팅본부, 2.준법경영부문), 3. G(지배구조) - (1.경영지원부문, 2.준법경영부문, 3.재경부문) 이사회: esg위원회,(esg협의회,esg팀), 대표이사: 1. ESGq부문,esg팀 2.E환경(1.생산본부(E-TFT), 2.마케팅본부(E_MKT TFT)), 2. S(사회) - (1.마케팅본부, 2.준법경영부문), 3. G(지배구조) - (1.경영지원부문, 2.준법경영부문, 3.재경부문)
  • * ESG Committee
    - The highest decision-making body in the Board of Directors for implementing ESG policies in the company
  • * ESG Council
    - A working-level consultative body on ESG issues