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Good day, Have a happy time. With Lotte Confectionery

Company overview

Lotte Confectionery’s corporate profile

(Unit: million won)
롯데제과의 회사개요 정보 입니다
Company name Lotte Confectionery Capital 2,105
Founded on 2017.10.12 Settlement term December
Listed on 2017.10.30 Total assets
CEO Min, Myung Ki Head office address #10 Yangpyeong-ro 21-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
Major business items Chewing gum, confectionery, ice snacks Inquiries 02-2670-6114

Shares owned by the largest shareholder and special related persons

Lotte Confectionery’s stock distribution information

롯데제과의 이익잉여금처분계산서 안내입니다
Name Relation Stock type Owned stock(share ratio)
Shares Share ratio(%)
Lotte AluminumLargest shareholderCommon Stock643,38115.29
Lotte Corp.AffiliateCommon Stock484,05411.50
Lotte Holdings Co. Ltd.Special related personCommon Stock416,3389.89
Shin Dong-binSpecial related personCommon Stock381,6089.07
Lotte FoundationAffiliateCommon Stock365,9378.69
Shin Kyuk-hoSpecial related personCommon Stock287,4086.83
Hotel LotteAffiliateCommon Stock135,2393.21
Shin Young-jaSpecial related personCommon Stock106,2282.52
Jang Jeong-anSpecial related personCommon Stock12,9640.31
Ogo YayoiSpecial related personCommon Stock3020.01
Park Cha-seokSpecial related personCommon Stock1150.00
Shin Jeong-geunSpecial related personCommon Stock940.00
Choi Sung-wonSpecial related personCommon Stock620.00
Choi Sung-hyunSpecial related personCommon Stock440.00
Kim Soon-bongSpecial related personCommon Stock50.00
TotalCommon Stock2,833,77967.33

※ Because of spin-off in Oct.2017,
the number of total issued shares has changed from 14,214,000 to 4,209,102


As Lotte Confectionery Co.,Ltd. is a new-operation company since 12th Oct. 2017,
information about its dividends will be posted after paying dividends