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CEO Message

Unsatisfied with being the best confectionery company in Koera, LOTTE Confectionery is now growing into a global company

Welcome everyone. I want to thank you for your continued encouragement and support for our company. By devoting our efforts to execute our corporate philosophy namely, ‘aiming to contribute to the health and happiness of people’, LOTTE Confectionery is now recognized as the best confectionery company in Korea and our products are loved by people of all ages.

Let’s Change Get Chance!

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Since the foundation of Lotte Confectionery in 1967, we have been the No.1 leading company in the confectionery industry of Korea. With 50 years of operations on top of our principles; ‘consumer-oriented brand management’, ‘continuous innovation’, and ‘food safety from production to sales’, our historic value has become more recognized as the best confectionery company.

We have expanded our operations not only domestically but also globally to reach the international market, based on our core brands and competencies. We are actively localizing our brands in each local market by adapting to regional characteristics and trends in marketing strategies. Furthermore, we will create new customer values by expanding our business portfolios into bakery and health food business which are known to be new business areas.

Lotte Confectionery has adopted the Code of Ethics and Fair Trade Compliance Program(CP) to increase transparency in management. We are also strengthening our partnership with our subcontractors through mutually fair trade agreements.

Moreover, we continuously support the underprivileged and local communities through a variety of CSR programs, such as ‘Doctor Xylitol Bus’, ‘Lotte Confectionery Sweet Home.’

We are also actively involved in the nation’s Green Growth Campaign. In response to the Global warming and climate changes, we have built eco-friendly management systems to reduce the Greenhouse Gases emissions.

Under our new vision of ‘Lifetime Value Creator’ with our ambition to become one of the world’s best companies, Lotte Confectionery promises that we will always provide the best products and services to our current and potential customers.

Thank you.